20 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Ruby On Rails

It’s impossible to be learning web development and not to have heard of the popular framework Ruby on Rails.

It’s a powerful and versatile framework built on the Ruby programming language, and you’ll find it powering sites such as Twitter, Amazon and eBay. But why should you learn it?

The Treehouse Blog has written a great article on why every web coder needs to learn Rails. It lists no fewer than 20 reasons why web coders like you should learn the framework, and here’s a few of the best of them.

No. 11: Learn to code

No matter what stage you’re at in your learn to code journey, Ruby on Rails is a great, easy to learn and powerful technology, and there are plenty of good quality learning resources for it, such as Rails for Zombies.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve got an idea for a new product, but don’t know how to code it. James Fend was in the exact same situation as you, learnt Rails in 12 weeks, and launched his dream product. How hard can it be?

No. 12: Become a better coder

Most people reading this would already have some coding knowledge, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. If that’s you, then Rails is a perfect path to take. Plus, the more technologies you’re familiar with, the better.

No. 13: You already know PHP

This leads on from the last one. For someone who already knows PHP, the language powering WordPress, why not expand your skillset?

Because of the similarities between Rails and PHP, learning Rails having already programmed in PHP is easy. As the original article says, the transition from PHP to Ruby on Rails is seamless.

No. 17: Stay current with web changes

The web evolves. As Flash intros, inline styling and the like die out, new technologies like Ruby move in. PHP had its heyday, and while PHP’s not going anywhere anytime soon, now it’s Rails’s turn.

No. 9: Join a great community

The Ruby language is famous for its great supportive community, and Rails is no exception to that. Take a look at the community home page, and you’ll see for yourself. After all, there’s no fun in coding unless you have others to share your experiences with.

What kind of reasons do you have for learning technologies like Rails? Tell us!

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