Free Code Tutorials

Now it’s time to learn some actual code!

In our free code tutorials, you’ll be introduced to many widely used website languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. However, the fifth tutorial is on binary code – the native language of computers.

The purpose of each of these tutorials is not to train you fully, but just to give you a taste. After reading them, you should have just enough knowledge to make a confident decision as to whether you would like to seriously learn these languages. And if you do want to take any of them further, each code tutorial finishes up with details on how to learn more.

All Code Tutorials

Here are all of Code Conquest’s code tutorials. All are free, bite-sized and beginner-friendly!

HTML Tutorial
HTML is the code used to write websites. Learn some of the basic HTML tags, the structure of an HTML document and how to correctly nest tags.

CSS Tutorial
Find out how CSS is used alongside HTML on a website. Learn how to embed CSS and write rules that can make text bold, italic and change font size.

JavaScript Tutorial
Learn how JavaScript is used to add functionality and interactivity to HTML. Also, learn how to embed JavaScript and how to change text content when it’s clicked.

PHP Tutorial
Learn how PHP is used to automatically generate HTML. Also, learn how to simultaneously include the same HTML content on multiple pages.

Binary Tutorial
Binary code is how numbers, letters, commands, images and sounds are represented with 1’s and 0’s. Learn how letters and numbers are represented in binary, as well as the related hex system.

Ruby Tutorial
Learn how Ruby and Ruby on Rails are used to develop web applications and websites. Also, learn the benefits of working with Ruby and what jobs require the use of the language.

jQuery Tutorial

Learn about jQuery, JavaScript libraries, and how to work with the language. When you come away from our free tutorial, you’ll be ready to move on to more advanced topics like web development.

MySQL Tutorial

Learn about MySQL, how to work with a relational database, what the difference between that and SQL is, and much more! You’ll also be shown simple projects to complete for some hands-on experience!

Swift Tutorial

Learn to program your first iOS application and start your journey to App Developer status! We break down what Swift is, why you should use it, how to set up a Swift development environment and give you a few examples of creating your first iOS app!

Python Tutorial

Learn Python, one of the best languages for beginners to start with. You’ll learn what types of projects you can build with Python, how to set up your development environment as well as 6 beginner projects to get you started!


When you think you’ve learned enough, don’t forget to try our coding quizzes to test your knowledge!

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