Coding Training Recommendations

The fastest, most effective and Code Conquest’s recommended way to learn coding is training. And we’re not talking about spending a fortune on higher education. These days, you can get just as full of an education from a specialist training website, quality book or cheap class.

Plus, employers are increasingly recognizing these newer forms of training when assessing the qualifications of their potential employees. This means you don’t need a computer science degree if you can’t afford it.

Coding training websites, books and classes can train you in all of today’s popular coding languages – from C++ to CSS. If you know which language you want to learn, we’ve done the hard work for you and gathered up all the best training websites and books for that language. Below are the links to each set of recommendations. Good luck!

All Training Recommendations

Choose from the following links to find out about your different training options.

PHP Training
PHP is the world’s most popular server-side scripting language for websites, and plugs right into HTML.

JavaScript Training
JavaScript is the world’s most widely written coding language and one of the primary tools for a web coder.

Ruby Training
The Ruby coding language was invented to meet the needs of coders and be a joy to work with.

iOS TrainingMobile App Development Training
Find out how to create your own apps for iPhone and iPad.

Android TrainingMobile App Development Training
To develop apps for the world’s most widely used smartphone platform, you need to learn how to work with the Java language and Android SDK.

HTML and CSS Training
While not considered true programming languages, HTML and CSS form an essential foundation for any web coder.

Python Training
Many beginners turn to Python for its simple syntax and readability.

Java Training
Java is a very popular coding language that powers websites, desktop software and Android apps.

C++ Training
The C++ language is perhaps best known for powering many of today’s computer games and Windows software.

Linux Training
Linux is an open-source operating system with a wide variety of distributions or distros that you can select from.

Do You Need to Pay For Training?

Some training websites, books and classes come with a price tag, while others (usually websites) are free. So is it worth paying for training when it’s available for free elsewhere?

That depends. If you’re on a budget, it might be a good idea to take the free route. But remember, training companies and publishers that charge can afford to make a better quality product. That means better teachers, more variety and better support. You get what you pay for!

If you want to compare free training providers vs. paid training providers more closely, read some of Code Conquest’s training reviews.


When you think you’ve learned enough, don’t forget to try our coding quizzes to test your knowledge!

Recommended Training – Treehouse

TreehouseAlthough this site recommends various training services, our top recommendation is Treehouse.

Treehouse is an online training service that teaches web design, web development and app development with videos, quizzes and interactive coding exercises.

Treehouse's mission is to bring technology education to those who can't get it, and is committed to helping its students find jobs. If you're looking to turn coding into your career, you should consider Treehouse.

Read our full review of Treehouse…

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