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C++ is an enhanced, object-oriented version of the C coding language, created in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup. The C++ language is perhaps best known for powering many of today’s computer games. So if you want to become a game developer, C++ is the language for you.

Also, because C++ is lower-level than most commonly used languages today, the range of software that you can write in C++ is much wider than in a high-level web language. You could even write a complete operating system!

Here are 4 of Code Conquest’s top C++ training recommendations. There’s something from every category – free and premium, online and offline, basic and extensive, hands-on and theoretical. Guaranteed, one is the perfect training for you.

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Lynda.com – C/C++ Essential Training

lynda.comBy Bill Weinman

C/C++ Essential Training is the lynda.com course on C++ and its parent language C. It introduces the anatomy of the languages and also the C++ Standard Template Library. The topics covered include:

  • About C and C++
  • Setting up an IDE
  • The C preprocessor
  • Classes and objects
  • Templates
  • C Standard Library
  • C++ Standard Template Library
  • C++11

C/C++ Essential Training is a complete tutorial in the C++ language that suits someone with no prior experience. Once you finish it, you’ll have the skills to start writing your own C++ applications.

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Book – The C++ Programming Language

The C++ Programming LanguageBy Bjarne Stroustrup

The C++ Programming Language is the definitive reference to the latest version of C++. It’s written by the creator of C++, Bjarne Stroustrup, and is available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle editions.

The book covers all aspects of C++ including abstraction, standard libraries and design techniques. It’s a good reference guide for if you’re already learning the language through other means.

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Book – C++ Primer Plus

C++ Primer PlusBy Stephen Prata

The C++ Primer Plus is a complete guide to the C++ language. The sixth edition covers the C++11 standard and the ISO standard, and also touches on C.

The most notable feature of this book is that it adds review questions and coding exercises at the end of each chapter, so that you can zero in on the critical information.

This book is for you if you like to learn new concepts by immediately putting them to use. It’s available in paperback and Kindle.

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Book – Jumping Into C++

Jumping into C++By Alex Allain

Jumping Into C++ is a book that gives you everything you need to become a C++ coder. It includes over 350 pages, quizzes, practice problems and over 70 sample source code files.

This book is the one for you if you want to pick up C++ with no coding experience. You’ll learn the foundational skills like writing your first program and using a debugger. It’s available in paperback and PDF editions.

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Recommended Training – Treehouse

TreehouseAlthough this site recommends various training services, our top recommendation is Treehouse.

Treehouse is an online training service that teaches web design, web development and app development with videos, quizzes and interactive coding exercises.

Treehouse's mission is to bring technology education to those who can't get it, and is committed to helping its students find jobs. If you're looking to turn coding into your career, you should consider Treehouse.

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