27 Websites Where You Can Learn to Code Today

You’d be familiar with a few sites which offer coding lessons and tutorials. But why limit yourself to just one popular site, when you can learn to code from a variety of sources?

This article will introduce you to some great learn to code resources which you may not have known about before.

27 ways to learn to program online

This article on The Next Web lists 27 websites where anyone can learn to code today.

As well as well known sites like Codecademy and Treehouse, the list also includes some sites which are not as well known, but are just as useful for learning to code.

27 is a lot, though. So here are a selected top four lesser-known learn to code sites from the article, all of them free.

Learn programming at Google Code University

If your main focus is programming and developing software, especially Android apps, Google Code University is a site you may want to check out.

There’s documentation and tutorials on C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and Android app development. There are also plenty of videos and a discussion forum.

And the bonus is, it’s Google. So you can be sure the information you’re getting is from a reputable source and not some shady amateur from Siberia.

Learn HTML5 at HTML5Rocks

It’s true. HTML5 does rock.

If you want to get the most out of the new, shiny HTML standard, HTML5Rocks has all the information you need. There are sections for mobile, gaming, business and all the major feature groups of HTML5.

So if you’re building a web page, get out of the 90’s and learn HTML5.

Learn HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript at TheCodePlayer

This one’s really cool. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t check it out.

TheCodePlayer is a unique site which allows you to watch HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript code being written.

It’s a bit hard to explain (the original article describes it as like being able to look over the shoulder of a programmer while she works), but you’ll love it if you go over there and take a look.

TheCodePlayer was also featured on Lifehacker.

Build stuff until it works at Programr

Now, if you thought a learn to code site couldn’t get any more ‘outside the box’ than TheCodePlayer, just wait until you see Programr.

Programr is based on building stuff until it works. You can experiment with a wide range of programming languages, all inside your browser.

The Next Web also conducted an interview with Programr creator Rajesh Moorjani.

Choose your own website

The sites recommended in this article are just 4 out of 27. View the full list at The Next Web and find a learn to code website you like. What are you waiting for? Start learning today.

Which learn to code resource do you like the best? Tell us!

Recommended Training – Treehouse

TreehouseAlthough this site recommends various training services, our top recommendation is Treehouse.

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