Patrick Learned to Code and Found a Job He Loves

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Code Conquest Newsletter #8
Apr 10, 2013

After sharing some coder success stories in previous issues of the newsletter, we decided to share this. It’s a collection of success stories, from people just like you – who have successfully learnt code. The collection was put together by online coding training provider Treehouse.

Here are some highlights:

Patrick learned to code and found a job he loves: Patrick Devins had experimented with code in high school, but had never taken it any further. He has never liked a single job he has had, but after increasing his skill set with Treehouse, has recently landed a job as a front-end web developer. Patrick loves his new job and can’t wait to come into work each day.

Bryan learned HTML and CSS and landed a job as a UX designer: Bryan Zavestoski graduated with an economics degree, but decided he wanted to do something more creative. He turned to Treehouse, where he has learnt about HTML, CSS and even Ruby on Rails. Through Treehouse, Bryan landed a job with Chop Dawg Studios doing UI and UX design.

Toby built his first app and learned in-demand skills: 2 years ago, Toby Powell decided he wanted to make iPhone apps. He tried learning from books, but found the process too frustrating. Since trying out Treehouse’s training, he has been able to successfully learn the iOS development skills he was seeking. He’s now a confident coder.

You can read the success stories in full at the Treehouse website, which you can find out more about through the below link:

Learning Code – Where to Start

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Code Conquest Content Update #3

The new content continues to be churned out at Code Conquest. Since the last update, we’ve written a new article entitled How to Learn Web Design. We have also written four code tutorials covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. They’ll be live on the site soon.

Keep reading the newsletter throughout the month of April for more updates!

Quotation of the Week

“Hear that? That was the sound of a hundred programmers vomiting in rage. Ignore them; they’ve forgotten how hard it is to start out with next to no knowledge, when everything feels unfamiliar and frustrating.”

– Fred K. Schott

Enjoy your day,
The Code Conquest Team

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