Sources of Coding Help

Uh-oh. You’ve been coding away for a while, but now you’ve hit a brick wall.

Getting stuck while coding is totally normal. It happens to pros and beginners alike, and it’s something you’ll need to get used to. Luckily, whether you’re stuck figuring out how to do something, or your code just doesn’t work, there are resources available to help you out. You can consult your language documentation, ask on a forum or even flick through a book.

Here are some of the best sources of coding help for when you get stuck. With these, you should be back on track in no time.

Language Documentation

Some coding languages – such as PHP, Ruby and Python – have reference documentation on their official websites. This can be invaluable when you want to look up information on a certain feature or function in the language.

PHP Manual
The PHP Manual is an excellent resource on the official PHP website. You can consult it whenever you need to look up documentation on a certain function or aspect of the PHP language.

Ruby Documentation
The official website of the Ruby language maintains a list of useful online documentation resources. This includes starter guides, manuals and reference documentation.

Python Documentation
The official Python website includes a documentation section with all the help you’ll ever need for coding in Python. There are tutorials, how-to guides and library and language references.

Web Development Reference

Web development languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript do not have official reference documentation. However, there are several websites providing unofficial documentation that’s just as invaluable.

Tutorials and references on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Many coders find its information to be beginner-friendly and reliable.

Note: W3Schools is not associated with the W3C.

Mozilla Developer Network
A wiki written by knowledgeable volunteers, MDN supplies reference documentation on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. The info is highly accurate but you may find it overly technical and detailed.

Web Platform Docs
A wiki with documentation on HTML, JavaScript and more. Web Platform is convened by the W3C and supported by corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook. The documentation is still under construction.

Discussion Forums

Sometimes, documentation isn’t enough and you want some human input when you get stuck. In this case, you can post your question on an online forum.

Stack Overflow is a popular coding Q&A forum, established by Jeff Atwood of the Coding Horror blog. You can post any kind of question about your code and have experienced coders help you out.

Setting up an account at Stack Overflow is quick and easy, and you can post your question and get answers within minutes. If you feel like giving back, you can answer others’ questions too and build up a good reputation in the process.

Treehouse also has a great discussion forum for members only. It’s probably not worth purchasing a membership for the forum alone, but it is a good bonus if you’re already a member. Read this Treehouse review to learn more.

Coding Books

BooksIf you specialize in a certain coding language, you should consider investing in a book on that language. That way, whenever you get stuck, you can always flick through and look up the information you need.

A particular recommendation is the O’Reilly coding book series. Many of the books in this series tend to be definitive guides to a certain coding language or technology. Some of them are even written by the language creators.

If you’re serious about coding, the convenience of having a good book on hand is worth the payment.

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