What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails or just Rails, is a framework and software library built on the Ruby language.

How is Rails Different From Ruby?

Rails extends use of the programming language Ruby. In layman’s terms, it allows you to work with pre-constructed “packages” or “modules” of Ruby code.

It’s more than just that, however, as Rails also combines the use of Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build full-featured websites. It is considered a server-side, or “back-end” web development platform because it is designed to run on a web server. In comparison, web browser content is considered client-side – the opposite of back-end content.

Ruby on RailsWorking with Ruby is much easier when you use the Rails framework. So, if you intend to learn Ruby, it’s a good idea to consider learning Rails, as well.

Ruby is different because it is the actual language that Rails is built on.

The best way to describe the difference is to compare Ruby and Rails to making a sandwich. If you were to make bread from scratch you would need ingredients like yeast and flour. This would take much more work to put together a sandwich because you would first have to bake the bread, and then make the sandwich.

This process can be sped up by purchasing a loaf of bread from the store, and making a sandwich with that.

The yeast and flour you would use to make the bread from scratch are the equivalent of Ruby, the programming language. The loaf of bread you would purchase from the store is the Rails framework.

Do You Need to Know Ruby Before You Can Work With Rails?

The short and sweet answer is no, you don’t need to learn Ruby to work with Rails. However, you definitely will need to be able to follow the syntax of the language, which means learning the correct formatting that you should be using when you write code.

However, you definitely will need to be able to follow the syntax of the language, which means learning the correct formatting for writing in Ruby.

Naturally, you will learn Ruby as you work with Rails because the framework is built on the language. It’s possible to start working with Rails first, as a Ruby novice, looking up functions and syntax you don’t understand.

The route we recommend you take is to attend an introductory Ruby course online or follow manual tutorials that walk you through the basics.


Next, let’s take a look at how Ruby Compares to Other Languages.

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