What Features Does Swift Offer?

Like most modern languages, Apple designed Swift so that it is easier to write and read. In comparison to Objective-C, it is also safer, faster, and more expressive.

Some features that Swift has to offer developers working with it include:

  • It supports inferred types to keep code clean and free from mistakes
  • It supports modules, which are used to eliminate the need for headers while still providing namespaces
  • Memory is automatically managed in a dynamic way, as the app or program calls for it
  • It also supports functional programming patterns such as map and filter
  • There are some remarkably powerful error-handling tools embedded in the language

Do I Need to Know Swift or Objective-C?

Currently, Swift is only used for development of apps and software running on Apple products. If the Apple ecosystem intrigues you enough to work with it, then you should certainly learn the language.

Because Swift is built on C, it will always be beneficial to learn Objective-C alongside it. However, it is not a requirement especially if you’ll be working for a new company or an employer that develops all content in Swift.

Companies that need to port applications and software from Objective-C to Swift will expect you to know both languages, so if you only know the one you might run into difficulties during the development process.

Ultimately, it is up to you which language you invest your time in.

Next, we’re going to explore how Swift is Different from Objective-C, the language it’s based on.

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