9 of the Hottest Tech Skills Hiring Managers Look for on LinkedIn

This is a guest post from Laurence Bradford. She lists 9 of the most important tech skills hiring managers use when looking for talent. Enjoy the read and be sure to ask Laurence any questions in the comments section. Also, check out her free LinkedIn checklist found at the bottom of the article.

An outstanding LinkedIn profile should be a top priority when job hunting. Without it, you’re missing a golden opportunity to get discovered by hiring managers and recruiters alike.

The job market these days is more digitized than ever. In 2014, Jobvite reported that 94% of recruiters look for candidates on LinkedIn. However, only 36% of job seekers take advantage of the platform. (Which is a discrepancy you can leverage!)

While LinkedIn is for everyone, in all industries, below are nine tech skills you can add to your LinkedIn profile that’ll catch the eye of decision-makers.

Skill #1: Data Security

Data security is essential for every business nowadays. A strong system keeps the record storage and retrieval process secure. Understanding how the right tools will keep a company database safe is crucial for any tech hire. You can display your data security knowledge by mentioning scrambling, encryption, and data masking on your profile.

Skill #2: Data Analysis

Data science as a whole is hot right now; it’s one of the most in-demand areas of tech. Data analysis in specific involves compiling and summarizing data effectively. Analyzing and organizing raw data requires close attention to detail and a mind for patterns. Good tools to know include Google Fusion Tables, RapidMiner, and NodeXL.

Skill #3: Mobile Development

The demand for mobile development skills continues to rise, as more businesses are trying to appeal to smartphone users by making apps or (at the very least) mobile-friendly websites. Hiring managers look for candidates who have experience in HTML5, back-end integration, and CSS. Moreover, having JavaScript skills and UI design is helpful.

Skill #4: Database Management

Database management involves the administration and maintenance of a company’s database. A working knowledge of well-known database management software helps you stand out to recruiters. Display experience with MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and others to showcase your skills.

Skill #5: Web Design

Web design involves more than just putting together the simple mechanics of a website. You should be aware of design strategies for putting together the front end of a website in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing, intuitive for the user, and takes users where you want them to go. Advertise skill with web design tools like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, among others. Your profile should also display abilities in user interface analysis and problem-solving. Tailor your skillset for the type of web design job you are seeking.

Skill #6: Social Media

Every smart business has a social media presence today. Communicating that you have digital marketing skills shows hiring managers you can add value to the team in more ways than one. List experience with social media management systems like TweetDeck, Buffer, or Hootsuite. This will boost your profile and give you an edge over the competition.

Skill #7: Programming

Obviously, coding skills are always a positive addition to a profile, whether your skills are simple or specialized. If you have basic PHP or JavaScript experience, that displays a foundation in coding that can be built upon with training. Highlight your current skills to show hiring managers your aptitude in this field, and update your profile with more advanced coding skills as you increase your knowledge.

Skill #8: Developing Technologies

Awareness of emerging technologies shows your commitment to continuing education. It also lets a recruiter know that you bring cutting-edge skills to a company. Knowledge of the latest trends lets you display how you can benefit an employer in a way that others can’t. Emphasize your understanding of new software, management platforms, and applicable tech tools.

Skill #9: Technical Writing

Technical writing requires simplifying complex information for the target audience. This may include procedural or policy explanations or technical descriptions. It requires two things: comprehensive knowledge of the subject you’re writing on, and concise, clear writing skills. Many tech experts are not the best writers, so if you can combine those skills, you’ll be a valuable asset to many companies.

The Importance of Soft Skills

Technical skills are vital in today’s job market. Yet job-seekers cannot rely on technology alone to get them hired. Soft skills are necessary to interact with employers, clients, customers, and fellow employees. Without them, you’ll have a much more difficult time succeeding in your chosen career.

The following soft skills are most important to hiring managers on LinkedIn:

  • Leadership: Initiative, positivity, and the ability to motivate are hallmark qualities of good leaders. The best leaders are able to teach and guide without micromanaging.
  • Teamwork: During interviews, prepare some examples of your participation in successful group projects. A good team member listens to others instead of forcing their opinion on everyone, but also knows how to communicate their perspective in a clear and compelling way. At the end of the day, they value the success of the team over their own ego.
  • Problem-solving: This is about more than just your technical expertise in a certain area of work. Hiring managers will look for candidates who have demonstrated determination when facing a problem. Identifying, analyzing, and addressing a problem is a crucial skill in any work environment.
  • Flexibility: The willingness to be flexible is the sign of a good employee. Deadlines and project details may shift. Showing that you know how to think on your feet and adapt to changes works in your favor.
  • Organization: Don’t just say you’re organized: show it. Your LinkedIn profile is a recruiter’s first impression of you. If it is organized and efficient, that’s a good reflection on you. Highlight organization techniques you’ve used in business to bolster this claim.
  • Project Management: Project management displays your ability to bring people together to complete a complex task. Show that you can facilitate cooperation in every aspect of a project to ensure a positive outcome.
  • Communication: Written and verbal communication skills can be a deal-breaker for many hiring managers. Understanding the importance of communication is vital to impressing a recruiter. Make sure your profile is easy to understand and that you are prepared to answer follow-up questions with ease.

Here’s what you should do next

Navigating the job market can be difficult, but a good LinkedIn profile is a great first step. Regardless of your current career goals or employment status, a complete and tech-savvy LinkedIn profile will make you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Now that you’ve been armed with great starting information, take your LinkedIn profile to the next level by downloading this free LinkedIn checklist. Inside you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to make your LinkedIn profile a winner.

About Laurence Bradford:

Laurence Bradford is the creator of learntocodewith.me, an online resource for those teaching themselves digital skills. She specializes in helping people make the leap from simply having skills to getting paid to use them. You can also connect with Laurence on Twitter.

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