How is jQuery Different from Other Languages?

jQuery is built upon JavaScript, so that’s what we’re going to compare with other languages.

The main difference between JavaScript and most languages is that it’s a scripting language. For all intents and purposes, this means that it does not have to be compiled in order to be executed. Languages like C++ and Java, on the other hand, cannot be executed without the use of a compiler first.

As for any other major differences, they will largely depend on the language that it is being compared to.

JavaScript versus Java

Some of the key differences between JavaScript and Java are the following:

  1. Java is an OOP (object-oriented programming) language while JavaScript is an OOP scripting language.
  2. Comparing use cases, Java is meant for general purpose programming while JavaScript is used for web development, design, and animation.
  3. Java is used to create apps that are meant to be run in a virtual machine or browser, whereas JavaScript is exclusively run in a browser.
  4. Java code must be compiled in order to execute, whereas JavaScript code is all text and can be written using a plain text editor.
  5. JavaScript, by nature, is much easier to read for humans.
  6. Both Java and JavaScript have compatible languages and libraries available.
  7. Both can be run on a server. Java has WebSphere, JBoss and Apache Tomcat while JavaScript has Node.js. The latter has grown increasingly popular in recent years.

JavaScript versus C++

Some of the key differences between JavaScript and C++ are the following:

  1. C++ supports object-oriented programming, but it is not intrinsic to the language like it is with JavaScript.
  2. C++ is designed to make the compile and execute processes much simpler for the computer, in order to maximize performance. JavaScript, on the other hand, is easier for the developer, and some performance is sacrificed in order to make this possible.
  3. C++ is commonly used to build game engines, perform complicated operations, or work with embedded systems. JavaScript is primarily meant to be used for web development and design.
  4. C++ is more difficult to work with, especially for the inexperienced so it’s considered tough to write “good” code with the language; that’s not to say impossible. Adversely, JavaScript is very easy to work with and there are a ton of frameworks and libraries available – like jQuery – that make working with the language so much simpler.
  5. Because it is more difficult to work with C++, it means that contrary to the fact that most C++ programs see better performance, it is possible to write JavaScript programs that perform better than C++ programs when they are comprised of poorly written code.


Next, we’ll discuss How to Setup a jQuery Development Environment.

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