What is a JavaScript Library?

According to the official jQuery team, it is labeled as a JavaScript library and not a framework. Although it is similar in nature, there is a reason for the custom label.

For starters, most frameworks make working with a specific language easier yes, however, they generally confine you to a certain method for implementing solutions and functions. That is, you can’t branch out and there are not multiple ways to accomplish a task.

With jQuery, on the other hand, you can do whatever you like, and there are usually several ways to accomplish what you want. This is because jQuery is nothing more than a tool.

JavaScript LogoNext, it has everything to do with how jQuery is handled at runtime. Because jQuery has a core focus and only contains essential functions, it is small enough to be bundled with your program or web applications.

Therefore, the jQuery library is being called from your program when it is needed. A framework works the opposite way and is instead called into your program – not out of – when it is needed.

Finally, jQuery is not necessary nor is it a requirement. If you wanted you could develop using JavaScript without ever touching the jQuery library. It would make your job more difficult and it would likely take longer, but it is certainly possible.

Frameworks, on the other hand, may not be entirely necessary but there are some functions and operations you can only do when you have a framework handy. That’s not the case here.


Next, we’re going to explain How jQuery is Different from Other Languages.

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